Our Clients’ Results

We are pleased to share what homeowners, builders and designers say about working with us…

Vartanian Custom Cabinets created the precise kitchen that we wanted. With Everett quite tall and me at 4’11”, we needed a kitchen where nothing is either too high or too low. We wanted a gorgeous and high functioning kitchen with the latest amenities, but I also wanted everything within a few easy paces. Our previous home had a lovely kitchen that was quite large, but we found that it required too much running around.

Therefore, the experts at Vartanian Custom Cabinets designed several unique features to meet our needs. One was to create two pantries just off the kitchen to store items not used on a daily basis in order to keep the work area compact. The shelves in the pantries were carefully designed to meet our height requirements. Another feature is a dish drawer right next to the dishwasher for incredibly easy storage and retrieval. They also created a special deep cabinet with a recessed wall so that the microwave oven could be in the best possible place for both of us.

Working with Vartanian Custom Cabinets was a wonderful experience. They are extremely organized and helpful. We appreciated being able to go to the Vartanian showroom to see all the choices. We are absolutely thrilled with our gorgeous, highly functional kitchen that is compact and easy to work in.

Diana Walker, Homeowner
We enjoyed our experience working with Vartanian Custom Cabinets as much as we’re now enjoying our amazing new kitchen. Their expertise and knowledge was vital in helping us to create the design. The project was challenging because we were planning to have several very large appliances but we wanted everything within a short and easy distance from each other. And, we had a very specific homey look in mind. We wanted to make sure that so much cooking capacity didn’t end up with a “commercial kitchen” feel to it.

With the ideas, help and guidance from the experts at Vartanian Custom Cabinets, we decided to cluster most of the appliances in one area of the room which was a few short paces from the island which included both sink and dishwasher. Then to achieve the desired look, the Vartanian team created a beautiful exterior for the 4 ½ feet of combined refrigerator and freezer space and transformed it to look like a magnificent piece of fine furniture.

The result is a fabulous cooking and living experience that is beautiful, comfortable and inviting.

Debbie Lussier, Homeowner
“Vartanian Custom Cabinets took my ideas, added their own, and used their expertise to create a fabulously modern kitchen while preserving the historical integrity of our 1832 Greek Revival Farmhouse heritage and dealing with the challenges of uneven ceilings and floors, small entry ways, and late-80’s fashion formica countertops (from a previous renovation). Usable space was a priority and Vartanian’s design maximized space to an eighth of an inch. Not too many people know that what a lot of companies advertise as custom cabinets are really standard cabinets using spacers and that limits the opportunities to maximize usable space. In contrast, Vartanian cabinets are truly “custom”.

Vartanian Custom Cabinets went to great lengths to achieve the elegant utilitarian look we wanted. They even created a new finishing process to give an old world look to the new tiger maple island top; which entailed stressing, painting, stripping and staining. They also designed a mantle style range hood that matched the existing fire place mantel designs throughout our home.

The quality of Vartanian Custom Cabinet’s workmanship is simply outstanding.”

Tracy Opalinski, Homeowner
“Vartanian Custom Cabinets helped us to create the perfect blend of the kitchen we needed and the kitchen we wanted. With our large family we needed a big kitchen and big appliances but we also wanted a warm and cozy feel that fit with the design of the rest of our home. When we bought our old house with the intention of renovating it, we knew we’d need to take down a supporting wall and create a large kitchen out of two rooms, but we didn’t know how to achieve the look we wanted with so much cooking, cleaning and living to be done.

Vartanian Custom Cabinets gave us many ideas and helped us to arrive at the answers we needed. First, rather than creating one large island, the design called for two smaller islands which created much more usable counter space and more storage. Next, they crafted a stunning inset exterior for the refrigerator to match the custom cabinetry throughout the kitchen and transform it into a piece of fine furniture.
Similarly, a custom hood was designed for the tremendous 6-burner range so that it too would blend in with the cabinetry and overall beauty of the new room. We love our kitchen; it’s the quintessential blend of form and function.”

Tom Conway, Homeowner
“Our new kitchen is much more than just a kitchen; it’s a beautiful living space that also happens to be highly functional. We are thrilled. We can cook up a storm and yet the mess is not in view. This is important because we have an open design, and you can see the kitchen from many places in the house.

There are so many different components; from the cherry island, to the painted cabinets to the frosted cabinet doors; and it all works perfectly together. All the different components came together like magic. It’s a perfect marriage.”

Mary Ellen Ferrel, Homeowner
“My kitchen is absolutely perfect, and working with Vartanian Custom Cabinets was nothing short of a terrific experience! Vartanian Custom Cabinets designed the kitchen from top to bottom, working with our architect who also happened to be my brother.

A critical part of the project was designing the kitchen to be seamlessly integrated with the rest of the house, which is a contemporary shaker design. The result is an excellent combination of beauty and function right down to the number of pullouts and how the drawers close.

The people at Vartanian Custom Cabinets have so much experience on what does and doesn’t work, that you really can’t make a mistake. We are extremely pleased with our new kitchen. It’s absolutely perfect.”

Linda Martinelli, Homeowner
“I have been working with Vartanian Custom Cabinets for 18 years. I use them for all of my kitchens and custom cabinetry work because of the consistency of the product and because of the warranty. Anything little thing can go wrong on any project, and you find out who the quality professionals are when it comes time to stand behind the warranty. I never have to worry about anything with Vartanian Custom Cabinets. They stand behind their work 100% and deliver on their promises every time.

The people at Vartanian Custom Cabinets make my life easier, because I don’t need to babysit them. They work well with me and my customers…. Most people generally choose the custom work, but having the option to mix in stock cabinets is useful at times to hit a budget. It also makes it easier to show customers the real differences between stock and custom cabinetry.

They always appreciate this information and they enjoy touring Vartanian’s factory showroom. The people at Vartanian Custom Cabinets are simply good, honest people with a lot of integrity and dedication to excellence.”

Kent Pecoy, Kent Pecoy & Sons Construction, Inc.
“One of the most time consuming decisions in construction today is the kitchen, because they are sophisticated in design and technology. What is unique about Vartanian Custom Cabinets is that they fabricate their cabinets in their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility; a must-see tour for anyone considering a new kitchen. Vartanian Custom Cabinets is truly a “custom” cabinet company.

Many others carry a line of “boxed” or stock cabinets whose design can be amended with fillers and moldings. Although beautiful in their own right, they do not afford the opportunity to create a unique design. Vartanian Custom Cabinets allows the freedom to design cabinets to any width, height or color. The end result is a kitchen with fewer seams and that appears more like furniture. Today’s kitchens also feature unique finishes such as glazing and distressing. In a box cabinet, you are required to have the glazing/distressing as shown on a sample. At Vartanian Custom Cabinets, you control the finishes. Samples are made so that you can choose the amount of glazing or distressing.

When working with a customer to establish the look and feel of their kitchen, it is a pleasure to turn the project over to Vartanian Custom Cabinets. Given the many years they have been creating magnificent kitchens, I am confident the end product will be beautiful. They stand by their work, are competitively priced and the quality speaks for itself.”

Elizabeth Murphy, Homebuilding Consultant
“I’ve been working with Vartanian Custom Cabinets for more than 20 years. They create kitchens and other custom cabinetry projects that are unique, highly functional and of exceptional quality. They are different from other kitchen designers, because they spend a lot of time to really understand each homeowner’s lifestyle and how they live in their house and kitchen.

The finished product is beautiful, functional and completely tailored to the owner’s lifestyle and how they live, work, entertain, and move around in their kitchen and home. I can completely trust the people at Vartanian Custom Cabinets to do a wonderful job for my clients without me needing to be looking over their shoulder. Once I turn the kitchen design process over to Vartanian Custom Cabinets, I have confidence that they will take care of everything from beginning to end, including coordinating with me and my crew whenever necessary…. Often times, people consider custom cabinetry to be too expensive, but it’s all about value. Vartanian’s customers appreciate the value of the beauty, quality and durability of the work.

Additionally, Vartanian Custom Cabinets has honed their manufacturing process to make it efficient even though they’re creating unique pieces. Lastly, they offer stock lines that can be added to a mix of custom cabinetry to meet a budget. The key is that even when they are using stock pieces, they apply the same process to design the kitchen to be tailored to the homeowners’ needs. I am extremely pleased to be working with Vartanian Custom Cabinets.”

Bill Laplante, R.E. Laplante Construction, Inc.
“After our triplets came along, we knew we needed more room, but we loved the location of our home, and so we decided to remodel rather than move. We essentially gutted the place. Our builder highly recommended Vartanian Custom Cabinets who designed the kitchen and also created the vanities in the baths and the built-ins in the den.

Our builder came up with the basic plan for the kitchen, which both my husband and I liked. But Duncan Lomas, Vartanian Custom Cabinet’s kitchen designer, pointed out a few things that might be problems and would limit livable space, and he was right on. The builder completely respected Duncan’s suggestions and worked collaboratively with him to adjust the plan. It is clear to me now that having someone with that much experience in kitchen design prevented us from making errors that we would not be happy about now…. We thought we would have design challenges, because while most houses in New England are colonial, ours is more contemporary. Additionally, my style differs from my husband’s. But the experts at Vartanian Custom Cabinets really listened to us and were able to blend our tastes into something that is classy and timeless and that we both love…. I think what makes Vartanian Custom Cabinets so much better than others is the people.

We researched this project for a few years before we started, and over that time, I interacted with several different people at Vartanian Custom Cabinets. It struck me that everyone from the front office to the shop floor seemed to be a key person and to really care and take pride in their work. Working with them was fabulous.”

Joann Vallera, Homeowner
“We put a large addition onto our home, and we selected Vartanian Custom Cabinets to design and create custom cabinetry for our kitchen, the built-ins in the great room and the vanity in the new master bedroom suite. After “shopping around” with three other cabinet suppliers, we chose Vartanian based on the company’s reputation for quality and professionalism.

Our contractors were extremely impressed with the workmanship and the ease of installation. The architect’s design included a preliminary kitchen layout, but Vartanian Custom Cabinets took it from there, working with us to design and plan every detail down to storage areas for small appliances and even trash receptacles. The end result is absolutely wonderful. It’s beautiful, everyone loves it, and working with Vartanian Custom Cabinets was a very nice experience.”

Pat Kendzierski, Homeowner
“Vartanian Custom Cabinets created our kitchen and butler’s pantry in our new home. We began by touring the Vartanian factory showroom, and we were impressed by every step throughout the project.

The people at Vartanian Custom Cabinets are extremely professional and easy to work with. I had many ideas, but Duncan Lomas, one of Vartanian Custom Cabinet’s Kitchen Designers, was able to show me how to get the best possible functionality for our needs. He listened carefully to all my desires and suggestions; he didn’t just tell me what he thought I should do. We worked together on the design for about a month, and the final design was perfect. I could not have known how to lay out our kitchen without his expertise.

The result is spectacular, and we love it…. Even the service was beyond expectation. When the project was finished, I found one pantry shelf that was sticking just a bit. I called Vartanian Custom Cabinets and someone was at my door within two hours to fix it. I was amazed!”

Betty Zebian, Homeowner
“When we began our kitchen renovation, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I’d been thinking about it for years. The people at Vartanian Custom Cabinets were able to take the ideas in my head and transform them into a beautiful design.

The design process was fun and many practical suggestions were offered to us that I had not really thought about. During the project itself, we were living in our basement. Functioning without a kitchen sink, with just a slow cooker pot for cooking, and the refrigerator in the garage wasn’t easy. However the folks at Vartanian Custom Cabinets made it as quick and painless as possible. In fact they went out of their way and beyond to try to accommodate us. It is very comforting to work with people who really know what they’re doing.”

Ginny Hyde, Homeowner